Application Development

Powerful online applications can be game changers!

Taking your business processes online can save time and resources in the long run. We can help you analyze time consuming or cumbersome processes and develop applications to help with automation, databasing, information visualization, and collaboration. We understand that processes can get messy. Sometimes, they involve convoluted spreadsheets, employees with years of special knowledge, or filing cabinets packed with physical paper. That’s ok! We can assess the situation and come up with a plan to help.

Our application development process in a nutshell

After an initial analysis of the business process or need we will:

  • Design a general look and feel for the user interface
  • Code the application
  • Test the application and modify code as necessary
  • Set up hosting for the application
  • Configure the domain of your choice to point to your new application
  • Discuss ongoing support and maintenance

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