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What is UX and why should I care?

It’s all about User Experience

UX is short for User Experience. It’s a way of thinking about website design that puts the user front and center. When design decisions are made, or when functionality is scoped out, one of the driving factors is the kind of experience the user will have when interacting with the app or website. Can tasks be done with fewer clicks if we fine tune our process? Does our color scheme work for people who are colorblind? Are we giving good feedback when forms are submitted or when selections are made? These are just some of the questions we might ask to help us in making design and development decisions that provide a good user experience.

Why should I care?

Simply put, a site that offers a good user experience produces more leads and is more profitable. An application that provides a good user experience will likely have a much higher adoption rate. You will receive a much higher return on your investment if you consider the user and offer a good user experience. Also, Google is increasingly using metrics that measure certain aspects of a site’s user experience in order to rank the site in search results. They measure security, ad interruption, mobile friendliness and other factors to determine how good the page’s experience is for users.

How can I make sure my site has good UX?

There’s no substitute for experience. I lead a UX team for a large mobile phone company (the one with the big red service map), and I’ve worked in many roles where UX was highly considered as part of our process when designing and developing websites. I’ve worked with the Google algorithm to help sites comply with their UX standards to produce better search result rankings. I’ve been intentionally focused on user experience for about the last 10 years of my professional development career. There are also tools available to help with UX work, such as Google Lighthouse and testing software that allows a site to run two separate versions of the site simultaneously to see how users are interacting with it.

If you want to be sure that your new site has the best possible user experience, we can help. If you need help on your existing site with making the user experience better, we can help with that too! Give us a call or use the form on our contact page to get in touch.
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