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Social media pres…what now?!

Social media presence! It’s important. Having a well maintained social media presence can help you build an audience, build trust with said audience, and drive traffic to your website. Not only that, but Facebook specifically, allows businesses to use various tools to actually conduct commerce on their platform. People can buy things right from your profile! Social media can be a great tool for communication (and of course, we know that it can also be detrimental for certain things). So, where do you start? Well, this isn’t exactly my first rodeo, but I did just set up brand new Facebook and Twitter profiles for my business today. You should follow me to see how I will utilize those two accounts (Facebook & Twitter). I’m not really selling any handmade items, so I’ll stay off of Etsy. I’m thinking that a Yelp profile MIGHT do more harm than good for me at this point, so I’ll stay off of Yelp for now as well. I will utilize my Google profile and claim my business and curate my business profile on Google as much as possible – adding my address, phone number, asking for reviews, etc… I’ll probably stay off of Instagram for now as well, since pictures of servers and web coding isn’t exactly the most Insta-worthy content. In the future, I may look into adding a YouTube channel for video content discussing web development and related content, but for now, I haven’t had the time!

As far as Facebook and Twitter, I think that I will probably invest the majority of my time into our Facebook profile. They offer the most tools for businesses to take advantage of. Twitter is really just another way for people to directly message us in a somewhat anonymous way, and also I may find interesting info on that platform from time to time.

If you need help setting up social media profiles for your business, let us know! We can help. Give us a follow and stay tuned for updates.