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Help! I need to automate all this paperwork!

Are you overwhelmed with paper? Do you have to hunt through a filing cabinet, desk drawer, or spiral notebook to locate customer documents, invoices or other paperwork? You might realize that you need to automate your processes, but you might not know where to even start. We can help!

Let me introduce you to our custom software application development platform of choice, Laravel. Laravel is an application development platform based on the popular open source scripting language, PHP. It has built in tools for developers like me to be able to interface with several popular databases, and it takes a lot of the work out of adding things like authentication, credit card processing, and other common tasks. What that means for you is that most likely, we can take tasks that you currently do manually or with less efficient software like spreadsheets, and we can automate it and make it more efficient.

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As with a website development project, the process starts with understanding you and your business. The application will end up having a look and feel, and we want it to match your brand. We also need to understand your current processes and your goals. We want to know the overall goals for your business, the goals for what you want to accomplish via automation, and how you expect your automation and process goals to effect your overall business goals. We aren’t interested in just pushing pixels, we want to be a true partner and help you innovate and improve where possible.

If you are drowning in a sea of paper, call us. If you know you need to automate, but don’t know where to start, call us! Better yet, schedule a time on my calendar to sit down and kick discuss your situation and talk through your options.
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