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Roll Your Own POS (Point of Sale)

In a few weeks, my family and I are going to be opening our fireworks stand for the New Years[]


Updating an Older Laravel Application

Frameworks constantly change. It goes with the territory of application development. If you rely on purpose built applications to run[]


What is UX and why should I care?

It’s all about User Experience UX is short for User Experience. It’s a way of thinking about website design that[]


Have you updated your social icons yet?

I admit it, I’ve never really been the biggest fan of Twitter – well, now X. When it first came[]


Help! I need to automate all this paperwork!

Are you overwhelmed with paper? Do you have to hunt through a filing cabinet, desk drawer, or spiral notebook to[]


Hackers Gonna Hack!

Hackers are a real threat to your website and your business. They can cost you valuable time and money. You[]


I need a new website. How does that work?

Sometimes it can be intimidating when it’s time for a new website, but it doesn’t have to be! All websites[]


Handling WooCommerce Obstacles

A while back, my father retired from teaching and bought a relatively large parcel of land out in East Texas.[]


To build or to buy? That is the question.

This all started last year when my father and I bought a trailer together from a friend of ours who[]


Social media pres…what now?!

Social media presence! It’s important. Having a well maintained social media presence can help you build an audience, build trust[]